Dear future guests,
Thank you for visiting our website.
In order to ensure that our guests have a most pleasant but also safe stay, we have implemented all health
safety measures mandated or recommended by the Greek Health Authorities.
We outline below some of these measures.

Cleaning of the room
The cleaning of the rooms, which have been thoroughly cleaned with special disinfectant products before any
arrival, will be carried out by our specially trained personnel only if and when it is requested by hanging the
“clean my room” sign outside the room door.
Noone is permitted to enter the rooms otherwise.

Fresh towels
There is a special towel bag in which guests can put the used towels and then hang it outside the room door.
A sterilized bag with fresh towels will then replace the one with the used ones.

Antiseptic, gloves and masks
There is antiseptic available in each room as well as at the entrance to Seahorse.
Hard surface spray antiseptic is available in each room.
There are two pairs of gloves and two masks in each room.
Plastic protection has been provided for TV and AC remote controls.